Transformation (2021)

Eleny Kasemets' sixth solo exhibition "Transformation" consists of works created during the pandemic and explores the relationships and attitudes between people. Alongside the paintings, she shows installations on the construction site of a house under demolition.Transformation is a follow-up of the exhibition Stand-by Transformation, recently presented in Berlin.

Kasemets' solo project Transformation continues to dissect the relationships between people, calling for greater empathy for those who think differently while also drawing attention to children - the silent sufferers who may not know how to ask for help.

The exhibition's choice of venue is a good illustration of the constant changes taking place. The old house symbolizes the community, and the remaining beams the relationships within the community. If the foundation and structure are strong, the house on top will be resilient. However, if everyone is looking out only for themselves, and those in need are ignored, the house has no future. How our tomorrow will look like, is up to us today.


Children feel our fear, but as their sense of time is entirely different from adults, they think the current situation is everlasting. Therefore, the vision of a brighter future is torn from their horizon.

On site installation with paper and rusted nails
size n.a., 2021

Family affairs VI, IV

I'm doing ok.

But where does this anger come from?

And why?

We adapt to the situation, but we all feel insecure.

I have a different view from my friends

and my loved ones.

That saddens me.

Being abroad lets you see the situation from a different angle. I also know by now when the battle is doomed even before it could begin.

It's a delicate matter.

To broaden the view, one has to listen.

To understand, one has to hear with heart.

My truth is not more valid than yours.

Don't let it divide us apart.

It is not worth it.

Ink on paper
ca 130 x 85 cm, 2021


No room for love,

no room for peace,
no room for colors,
no room for dreams,
but plenty of room
for lonesomeness
and agony.

(E. Kasemets)

Metal wire on paper
50 x 70 cm, 2021


And maybe it is easier to learn kindness in these times. When the whole world is like a small child with a fever, trying her very best to make herself feel better.

Maybe we find our unity in the near losing of everything. Where we have no choice but to depend upon each other — key workers, volunteers and neighbours.

This is what it takes to realise we are in this together.

A man helps someone he dislikes because they are in danger. A neighbour delivers groceries to everyone ill on her street. Old friends forgive each other and stop acting like they are strangers.

Maybe this time, this is when the revolution arrives dressed as kindness.

People helping each other despite their differences. Understanding, truly, that without the aid of others we would be all alone in this.

- Kindness, poem by Nikita Gill