Hi there,

my name is Eleny Kasemets, I am an Estonian visual artist currently living and working in Berlin. I have graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts (Fine Arts), and I'm a member of Professional Association of Berlin Visual Artists (bbk berlin), Estonian Artists Association (EAA) and Estonian Watercolour Association (ESTWS). I have had several solo and group exhibitions in seven countries.

My primary medium is painting. I also make some jewelry out of found objects, design and dye woollen garments for my sustainable garments brand Vill Vill. Last year I co-founded an online platform brutalart.eu. Currently I'm a part of Azimut Berlin Gallery, together with Kamal Sallat and Kathrin Bauer.

The main influence for me has always been subconsciousness. My works tend to take a final abstract form only on the paper in front of me. The outcome is thus an intertwining of my inner reflections and collective consciousness. I love to work with ink, that is non-erasable just like past, that challenges to adjust and find a way forward.

Every decision is influenced by the need to be environmentally sustainable, also when it comes to my art production. I mostly use water based paints on paper and reprocess all the leftovers and my older artworks. This method constantly pushes me to evolve my art practice and keep my ecological footprint in a healthy loop.