The Signs of Change and Navigation Errors (2022)

In her seventh solo exhibition, titled "The signs of change and navigation errors," artist Eleny Kasemets explores her fears of change and her coping mechanisms in the face of the turmoil and uncertainty that has gripped the world in recent years. The exhibition is being held in an unrenovated factory space in Kalamaja, called Cabaret Volta, which ties in with the artist's dilemma of belonging and opposition.

"After years away, I am back in Estonia — an unemployed and uninsured artist," Kasemets says. "Although it is easier to come back than to leave, the big life change and the uncertainty about the future makes one uneasy." The old factory space, one of the few in the area still standing in its original form, stands in stark contrast to the new buildings springing up around it, just as Kasemets' works on display offer a unique perspective on the challenges and uncertainties of the present moment.

One of the themes explored in the exhibition is our fear of making mistakes, and how this fear can hold us back from growth and progress. Kasemets notes that "we have been raised to not make errors, to always succeed, but this fear of failure often prevents us from taking risks and pushing the boundaries of what is possible." Through her art, she encourages viewers to confront their own fears and embrace the possibility of failure as a path to growth and evolution.

We invite you to come and experience "The signs of change and navigation errors" at Cabaret Volta, and to reflect on your own experiences in the face of the turbulence and change that surrounds us all.


Installation with a chair, paper, glass, resin and flowers
size n.a., 2022