Broken water and colour


Every leaving brakes something. Relationship. Bond. Promise. Sometimes the glass that protects the painting. It is inevitable but still causes rage. It is always splendid to come but getting harder to go away. The fragments of glass sparkle utmost beautifully in the sunlight like tears that remind the breakage of something delicate or significant. However, every move has its charm. It gives a degree of freedom, a new perspective and an opportunity to notice and feel more. The "Broken Water and Color" exhibition is a yearning for wholeness, confidence and acquaintance on paper and wool "canvases".

Eleny Kasemets' fifth solo exhibition, Broken Water and Color, gives a brief overview of the artist's painting and design creations. The primary medium for Kasemets is the water-based colour on paper and on 100% woollen products by Vill Vill, both equally essential parts in artist's work. Divided into two poles, the more contrast and significant parts have landed on the paper, and the striking colours dissolved on woollen “canvases”.