The Colours of Feeling’s Shadow

Solo exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia, 2015

Being away and being together, expectations and surprises, certainty and uncertainty, joy and sadness, opportunity, loss, chance and perseverance. These all are related to my feelings, which are directly affected by political, environmental and social events as well as deeply personal experiences. I might not always know how to formulate my feelings, but I know how to give them color and shape. This is how this watercolor exhibition was born.

The paintings do not form a series or one whole. Even the palette doesn’t match. And that was not my goal. They reflect the variety of colors directly expressing my feelings − the moments when the feeling is most authentic. When I start painting, it’s spontaneous − the final outcome is not pre-planned. The momentary flow of emotions will take their final shape on paper. I always try to leave some space for randomness to give it a unique touch.

Abstract art in its perception of the unlimited opportunities allows me to express all these feelings that when I’m away, remain distant to my loved ones who are far away, and too far to understand to people who are close by. Not everything is always completely clear to myself either.

I'm an artist. Ich bin eine Künstlerin. The meaning of this still brings uncertainty. I search myself through art, I also lose and find myself. And then I lose myself again. All the time. “The Colors of the Shadow of Feeling” is the contemplation of my inner world.